Ameen AJ

Heya, I'm a Digital product designer focused on making optimal user experiences a reality for my users. Based in London. I help companies design and build new products and features to bring to the market.

Shaping up projects

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Information architecture, User flow, Wireframes and Design

IA, User flow and wireframes of a project to incorporate "Deep Work" by Cal Newport in an ap.

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Created the persona and empathy map with the help of real users based on Deep Work by Cal Newport in an app

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Introduction : Automate task using Language model

Automate task is a conceptual project to incorporate "Deep Work" by Cal Newport in an app

Case Studies

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Uncovering the Needs of Robot handlers 

Understanding User Needs and Improving the Experience ...

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Designing for Durability and Efficiency.     

How RHA app is designed to Revolutionizing ... 

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Day Zero - Automate Tasks and event by Language Model

Helping users to manage their day to day activities in an ...